What is a "mobile or ghost restaurant"?

A "mobile or ghost" restaurant is just like any other restaurant the only and biggest difference is we do not offer a set down location or pick up we are delivery only . 

Where is the food prepared?

All of our food is prepared at a commercial kitchen we have a contract with. This option saves us on the cost of having a "brick and water" location. Which allows us to use the best ingredients in all of our dishes.

When is our official opening?

We open March 5, 2018. 


Where do we deliver?

We deliver all over Philadelphia excluding the PHL airport and southwest Philadelphia. Delivery 

fee is based off location. If your address is more than 30 mins out of our delivery range please make a scheduled delivery order. We are based in Bridesburg area of Philadelphia 19137 

What is a scheduled delivery order?

If your address is more than 30 mins from our delivery range you will have to arrange a scheduled delivery order. Steps are very simple there is a option when you place your order to select a time please select a time at least 90 mins from when you place your order. We will contact you within 30 mins if there is any issue with the time you selected. Keep in mind scheduled orders are not a guarantee and are prioritized as first come first served. 

How do you pay for your order?

1. Orders can be placed via our website and paid online just click the orange button!

2. Orders can be placed via grubhub and paid on their platform starting 1/30/18

3. Orders can be placed over the phone and paid with a credit or debit card. 

We currently use Square inc. to process all of our payments. No cash payments